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This famous car brand founded by a man 20 years has worked on other Italian companies, and remained unnoticed until, until you opened your own business.
Enzo Ferrari (Enzo Ferrari) was born in 1898 worked at the company Alfa Romeo: first there was the factory team rider, then a specialist to prepare for the race cars. His team, Scuderia Ferrari in the 30s. "dragged" to a full racing program of the company Alfa Romeo. But even before the Second World War, Enzo Ferrari decided to go his own way.

The first road car Enzo Ferrari was not called by his name. The car "815" with a 1.5-liter inline "eight" has produced a company Auto-Avio Costruzioni shortly before the Second World War
In 1939, in Modena was registered firm Auto-Avio Costruzioni di Ferrari Enzo ("Auto-Avio Kostrutsioni di Ferrari Enzo"). However, the first machine with the name of Ferrari as a brand and the famous stallion rearing as an emblem was built at the factory in Maranello, near Modena, in a 1947 Ferrari First, interested only in motor racing and road cars built and sold only to obtain funds to racing the program.


On the Enzo Ferrari worked the best body builder company in Italy, such as the Milanese "atelier" Touring ("Touring"). The word "superleggera" in the logo stands for the patented "super easy" bodywork. But the lion's share of production cars Ferrari has a body of Pininfarina ("Pininfarina")
According to many knowledgeable people all his life of Enzo Ferrari's attitude to their road cars as a necessary evil. Racing remained for him the priority activity until his death. Racing Team Ferrari - the only one to date, "stable", which took part in all the races in the Formula 1 Grand Prix. A long list of victories so far is the yardstick by which evaluated the success other teams.

As the first model of Enzo Ferrari, the car "166" shown in the photo in the variants "Barchetta" ("Barketta" - "boat") and coupe, distinguished by a small engine capacity. With its 12-cylinder engine was only a 2-liter. Hence the numerical index model: each of the cylinders had a volume of 166 cm '. Bodies engaged in Milanese design "studio" Touring
Since its inception, the firm and non-stop Ferrari continually expanding. If in the early 50s. factory in Maranello produced at least 50 road cars per year, the beginning of 70s. annual production exceeded one thousand copies.

In the history of the company had two cars with Testa Rossa ("Testa Rossa" - "Red Head"). We are talking about a car with a V-shaped 12-cylinder engine cylinder capacity of 3 liters. The photo shows a model of the "250 Testa Rossa" of the sample in 1958, immediately after its debut, she won a leading position in road racing, winning the 1958 Le Mans and World Championship sports car
During the first 20 years of existence of Ferrari all of its road models had engines VI2. Later installed V8 engines and even a V6, have been widely used turbo, but all the engines were very powerful and vysokoborotnymi.
Even more famous than the Testa Rossa, a model of "250GTO". This is a modification of the sports car road "250GT", specially adapted for participation in endurance racing. As the car Testa Rossa, complete its 3-liter V12. Ferrari 250GTO was released a limited edition, so in these days is the most desirable acquisition for collectors
Development of designs Ferrari cars passed through several clearly distinguishable periods of successive in a logical sequence. From 1947 to 1964, all road Ferrari had a front-mounted V-shaped 12-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive with a dependent suspension. They had the same type of frame from the pipes of oval cross section. Body for the first machines were ordered on the side benefit of body "studio" in Italian enough, but the beginning of the 60s. preference was given once and for all the company Pimnfarina as a designer and company Scaglietti ("Skaletti") as their producer.
This was called car Ferrari Dino. He was no less elegant than any other car company, but is available over a wide range of buyers. Introduced in 1967, he opened a brand new Dino, "subsidiary" in relation to Ferrari. For the company's Dino was a milestone: the first car with the engine within the database, the first model without the V-shaped 12-cylinder engine. Dino got engine V6, first 2-liter, 2.4-liter later
After 1964, the Ferrari cars are increasingly used independent rear suspension. On some of them are located behind the gear box. In the late 60s. was born the first road car with the engine within the wheelbase. At the same time attempts were made to create a parallel brand Dino ("Dino"), so that under it could bring to market a 6-cylinder cars.
Until the appearance in the 1990 car Lamborghini Diablo, and others like him supercars, shown here Ferrari F40 car had virtually no competitors. Debut ztoy model took place in 1987 Its engine, a 3-liter V-shaped "eight" with two turbochargers and intercooling, developed the power of 471 hp It is enough that at a certain skill to disperse the car to a speed of 360 km / h The basis of the car was racing model "288GTO", created in the 80s.
The turning point in the affairs of the company was in 1969 when Ferrari gave half of his firm's concern FIAT. At the Ferrari cars themselves are not affected. In the mid-70s. Production has remained the one and only model with a front engine, and in the early 80s it became clear that this machine is present in the program, the company only in order to delay the inevitable parting with it. Since the 90's. company produced a model with only the motor within the base.
Enzo Ferrari died in 1998, and concern FIAT took him under his wing a company completely. At that time four-wheel drive models, Ferrari had no brakes with ABS system has just been put into use, and experiments with the "advanced" electronics were in their infancy.


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