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Rogda car Scimitar GTE ("Simiter") was in the 70s. at the zenith of his fame, writing about the company Reliant journalists considered it their duty to conceal its origin. The information that the pre-production "of high quality cars with the station wagon" Reliant specializes in cheap three-wheeled vehicles would complicate its position in the market.

The racing version of the Sabre 6 early 60s. Sabre became the first four-wheeled Reliant car company
Founded in 1935 by Tom Williams (Tom Williams). It was situated in Temuorte, north-east of Birmingham, and its first product was the Reliant wagon with a single front wheel. In 1956 the company started to install the boxes on the fiberglass body. The first four-wheeled car Sabre ("Sabre") appeared only in 1962 From then until the end of XX century, Reliant continued to manufacture two different types of cars - three-wheeled vehicles cheap and sometimes their 4-wheel options, and sport models.
Car Sabre was awkward. He had the chassis production Ford ("Ford") and the body firm Ashley Laminates ("Ashley Lamy, Neyts"). Although the company shortly after its debut, improved, in particular, by setting a more powerful engine, the success was not followed. Short-lived rally program is only confirmed its lack of competitiveness. At the same time the most complaints caused suspension.

Reliant Scimitar GTE with a cargo-body. Princess Anne, buying a car, he created advertising
Since 1964, Fortune accompanied Reliant. She was able to create your own 4-cylinder engine for cheap cars and attractive sports coupe Scimitar GT. The success of the latter has provided the company Ogle Design ("Design Ougl"), which created the body of cars Reliant next generation.
After this has been a rapid growth of the company, which lasted until the early 80's. In many ways, this is a consequence of the transition Reliant in 1962, under the control of the concern Hodge Group ("Hodge Group"). In 1969, Hodge joined the company to Bond ("Bond") from Preston. Soon appeared wedge-shaped three-wheeled Bond Bug ("Bond Bug"). In the early 70s. word of the Bond name has disappeared, and the plant in Preston has been closed.
The biggest success has fallen to the lot of Scimitar GTE, debuted in 1968 and remained until 80th. the best-selling model of the firm. It was the highest achievement of the company. Sold to Israel and Turkey licenses have not met the expectations of management Reliant, and some attempts to create models of change "GTE" / "GTC" interrupted at the stage of construction or design elaborations.

The company introduced a version of the Reliant "ST Turbo" ("Turbo") failed Scimitar SSI models with a body Michelotti ("Michelotti") before putting it on the external control
Trying to expand the program production, the company turned to a sports car smaller Scimitar SS (1984), but failed. Reliant, a few times changing owners and managers, started to build a taxi Metrocab ("Metrokeb"). Her financial situation in the 80s. left much to be desired. Rights to manufacture automobiles "GTE" / "GTC" were sold in 1987 under the administration of Japanese companies' concern Middlebridge ("Midlb Ridge"), the model is "SS1" had to completely rework. In 1990 Reliant introduced external control. In 1991 the rights to manufacture the company repurchased Mertocab Hooper ("Hooper"). Reliant was saved from bankruptcy by the corporation Beans Industries ("Beans Industries").

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