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The first cars, Mitsubishi collected in 1917 It was a copy of the Italian FIAT Zero ("gazelle"). Since 1921 the company produced trucks and buses, and in 1934 produced a few samples of the first in Japan, all-wheel drive car, "PX-33."
The present production of cars, Mitsubishi opened in 1959, presenting miniavtomobili and expanding in 1963, licensed production of U.S. machines Jeep ("Jeep"). In the 70's. Mitsubishi this activity is booming. Then the American concern Chrysler ("Chrysler") has acquired a package of stock and began selling Mitsubishi cars in the U.S. under its own logo.

Mitsubishi Galant VR-April 1987 with all-wheel drive and all wheel steering
Prior to the 80s. The company manufactures mainly small family cars and middle classes. Then came the first compartment and began to supply engines for Chrysler's U.S. manufactured cars. The first front-wheel-Mirage ("Mirage") with a transverse engine appeared in 1978 and then began a successful expansion of production cars 4x4.

Model Starion Turbo, introduced in 1982, became the first Mitsubishi, about to get into the huge U.S. market of sports cars
The first attempt to create a sports car types has led to the appearance in the 1982 model Starion ("Starion") with a turbo. But only in the 80s., Gain experience, Mitsubishi introduced a new, more sophisticated vehicles such as compact Dangan ("Dangan") and all-wheel drive with all wheel steering Galant VR-4 ("Gallant"). Next, turn of the purebred sports cars and supercars. To do this, Mitsubishi and Chrysler have formed a joint venture Diamond Star Motors ("Diamond Star Motors") with a new plant in the U.S. state of Illinois.

This Mitsubishi 3000GT supercar with a V-shaped 6-cylinder 3-liter engine producing 281 hp accelerated from standstill to 96 km / h in 6.5 seconds, held 400 meters from the scene in 14.5 sec and a maximum speed of 246 km / h He was succeeded by an equally impressive Eclipse ("Iklips"), new generation, production of which has established a branch of Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America
The first result of joint activity was Mitsubishi Eclipse ("Iklips"), soon followed by the Mitsubishi GTO and the "3000GT", which are sold along with "Chrysler" models of Eagle ("Eagle"), Dodge ("Dodge") and Plymouth ("Plymouth") . At that time, the company produced more than 800 thousand cars per year, was very profitable and ambitious.
If the financial condition of Chrysler in the late 80s. does not leave much to be desired, the company Diamond Star could develop more rapidly. But in 1991 the group was forced to sell its share of Mitsubishi, which was another Japanese manufacturer with its own assembly plant in the U.S.. At the beginning of the XXI century Mitsubishi Motor Company was forced to overcome the serious difficulties associated with the crisis for their products.

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