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Alan (Alan) and Richard (Richard) Jensen in West Bromwich founded, near Birmingham, the company in its own name for the production of bodies for other manufacturers, but in 1937 they started making their own model car. At first, their production was in its infancy, and depended on the supply of engines, transmissions, and even elements of the suspension.

Jensen Brothers began production of its cars in 1937, but the logo refers to the 50-th years.
There was a firm due to the production of bodies. After the Second World War, it has supplied thousands of machines Austin ("Austin") and Austin-Healey ("Austin-Healey"). In the 60's. Jensen also implemented a complete car assembly Sunbeam Tiger ("Sunbeam Tiger") and a sports coupe Volvo P1800 ("Volvo R1800").

In the 60's. appeared ambitious series cars Interceptor / FF. With their debut, and developed a new logo
In 50-ies. the company has experimented with the model of "PW" with the engine Meadows ("Meadows"), which is in series production and has not got. Then began producing limited quantities of high-speed sports coupe Interceptor ("Intersep-tor") of the first generation. It was followed by a series of "541" and "CV8", both of which differed fiberglass bodies. Like other European manufacturers, Jensen appealed to American engines, using a 1960 Motors Chrysler V8 ("Chrysler").
Since 1965 the company produced Jensen speeds, but heavy sports car "CV8", one of which is shown, and in the picture. With the 60-ies. Company Jensen, like some other European manufacturers began to use the powerful American engines
Expanding production in the 60s. was not accompanied by corresponding profitability. The firm came under the control of Norcross ("Norcross"). At its leadership and the creation of new models and Interceptor "FF" (Ferguson Formula - "Ferguson Formula"), the latter being the world's first serial-wheel-drive passenger car with a clutch Ferguson. The basis of this machine was used long wheelbase version of the Interceptor.
Development of body commissioned in Italy, and a very expensive production equipment company made ​​a long time to manufacture these models in anticipation of the return on investment. By the end of the 60s. with the cessation of production Austin-Healey 3000 and the Sunbeam Tiger of the work at the customer end. It has expanded its production of cars, reaching a record high production volumes for itself.
Undoubtedly, the most famous model was the company's Interceptor. But Italian experts designed body demanded the high cost of equipment, so the return on investment for the car remained in production for many years. Option FF Interceptor was the first in the world of serial four-wheel drive with a clutch Ferguson
In 1968 the firm bought by William Brandt Jensen (William Brandt), but it soon became the new owners Kjell Kvali (Kjell Qvale) and Donald Healey (Donald Healey). As a result, in 1972 there was Mark Jensen-Healey. Due to the energy crisis of 1973-74. company stopped selling. However, until the mid-80s. Jensen released on the orders of some models of Series Interceptor. Part of the company survived until the 90s. and the beginning of a limited edition model Interceptor. Once again, the company emerged in 1998 with a new sports car "S-V8", built at a factory in Reddish.

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