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This French company with a rich and glorious history, specializing mainly in the manufacture of compact cars. The first car of this brand - three-wheeled carriage with a steam engine - was built in 1889

Peugeot has always enjoyed enormous prestige in Africa. She achieved success in the Paris-Dakar Rally with cars "405 T16"
Peugeot family business was founded in 1876, designs mobile crews interested in ten years later. Car sales, are based on the first models of Daimler ("Daimler"), beginning in the 90s. XIX century and soon became one of the leading automobile companies in Europe. Recall that, in parallel, it also produces bicycles and motorcycles.
Under the direction of the Peugeot family company steadily evolved. In 1910 a new plant in Sochaux, eastern France. Here, by the end of the 20-ies. and focused main activities of the company. With the acquisition of the firm De Dion-Bouton ("De Dion Bouton,") Peugeot has strengthened its position.

Model "205 T16" Peugeot has made the leader in world rallying in the mid 80s. At the world championships won by a Peugeot Timo Salonen (1985) and Juha Kankkunen (1986)
In 1964 Peugeot started technical cooperation with the firm Citroen, establishing full control over it in 1974, four years later purchased the concern department Chrysler ("Chrysler") in France and the UK, soon revived the famous French brand Talbot ("Talbot").
In the 70's. Peugeot Company financed the factory racing team, specializing in endurance events, where her large and robust machines showed their best side. In 1981, the UK team based at Talbot Sunbeam-Lotus ("Talbot Sunbeam-Lotus") won the World Rally Championship, Peugeot and management decided to create a special car for the rally has become a prestigious group B ("B").

Company Peugeot began producing cars more than a hundred years ago
Thus, a model "205 T16", dominated the World Rally Championship, and later - in the most difficult rally-raids. The company also asked the circuit races of C. After the departure of vehicles TWR / Jaguar (Wee-Tee-Ar / "Jaguar"), a leader in these competitions has become a model of its "905" engine V10.

One of the most attractive models, Peugeot was a "504 Convertible" with the body of the "studio" Pininfarina and V-shaped 6-cylinder engine (144 hp)
Despite all the achievements in motor sport, Peugeot stayed mass producer of cars. In the early 90s. Concern PSA produced annually by 1.5 million vehicles. At the beginning of the XXI century Peugeot production program included eight basic models. As a result of 2001 cars of the series "206" Sales have been leaders in the countries of Western Europe in the size class B ("B").

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