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Manag first car Henry Ford (Henry Ford) built in 1896 in a workshop near his home in Detroit. This happened long before the foundation of his own company. Having worked on the famous inventor Thomas Edison (Thomas Edison), then the firm Detroit Automobile ("Detroit Otomobayl"), he founded in 1903 by Ford Motor Company. The first Ford cars were hand-made, large and expensive. The breakthrough came in 1908 thanks to the model "T".

The current Ford logo is little different from the inscription on the radiator model "T Tourer" ("tourer") 1911
By selling these cars at the lowest price in a single embodiment, Ford sought to "put America on wheels." In addition, at its plant in Highland Park in 1913 he introduced the moving production line, thus significantly reducing manufacturing cost.
As a result, from 1908 to 1927 were collected 15 million vehicles a model "T", and the Ford Motor Company became the market leader in the U.S.. Henry Ford was a conservative man, rarely listen to their advice. Although the model "A" and followed her car with a V8 engine proved very successful, the company entered into a serious conflict with the unions and the 30-ies. gradually gave way to lead.

The main products until the ford models "V8" in 1932 were cars like the model "A"
In place of the model "T" came the model "A". Structurally, the car turned out to be quite modern: it had a 3-speed gearbox, brakes on all wheels, has received a number of new products for the global automotive industry. For the first time on it used tempered windshield, hydraulic shock absorbers, the first machine with a station wagon went into production.

Model "T" Ford has created a firm reputation for massive, simple and cheap cars. T Ford introduced in 1908 as a "people's car". It was the first model in the world, collected on a conveyor belt. Made of more than 15 million units, it remains the best selling in all the continents before Volkswagen Beetle ("Volkswagen Beetle"). This shows the Ford T Tourer 1911
Success was instantaneous. During the first 16 months of production the company has sold over a million cars. This record was repeated only after 57 years with the model of Ford Escort ("Escort") of the European branch. For model "A" followed by a less successful model of "AB", and then more solid "V8", called "The last mechanical triumph of Ford." The car has the chassis of the model of "AB", including the not very effective brakes. Despite some problems with the gears, the car was in the 30s. the basis of the production program of Ford. By this time, American cars, including "V8", every year, subject to stylistic changes. Before his death, Henry Ford's company was on the verge of bankruptcy. Saved the grandson of Henry Ford II, who came to the leadership after World War II.

American Ford used the logo on the model of Thunderbird ("Thunderbird") in 1956
By this time, Ford has already produced a model Mercury ("Mercury") and Lincoln ("Lincoln"), owned offices in Europe and other continents. Still, the main products of concern were cheap family cars. Ford sales in the U.S. increased from 480 thousand units in 1946 to 1.5 million in 1959 and up to 2 million in 1970 All this time, Ford was fighting for the title of the most successful American carmaker. But it took only a second place for General Motors. From time to time indulged in the creation of Ford vehicles such as the two-seater Thunderbird 50s., Who enjoyed phenomenal success Mustang ("Mustang"), 7-liter Galaxie ("Galaxy") and Torino ("Turin") - all 60 's., and 1.6-liter Pinto ("Pinto") early 70's.

Ford acquired the well-known Italian bodybuilder "atelier" Ghia in 1970 Since then, Ford is using its logo to celebrate their well-equipped versions of production models
The energy crisis of the 70-80s. Ford forced to reduce the size of their cars, to reduce engine power and simplify their style. Like its rivals, Ford began to establish ties with Japanese companies (in this case with Mazda), which made it possible to start mass production of front wheel drive cars. In the 80's. full-size American sedans such as LTD are gone. Buyers opt for the family reduced the size of cars like the Fairmont ("Fairmont"). Then it was time models, made ​​in European style. This trend was clearly visible on a series of Thunderbird, when the cars of the typical representatives of the American design patterns become smooth streamlined forms. Another example was the model of the Tempo.

The emblem on the European model Ford 90s. So far, all branches of the concern are the manufacturers of mass production
Despite the change of orientation, Ford has not ceased to be himself, along with releasing mediocre models and such models as the Mustang SVO turbo and an updated Mustang GT. Concern turned to the Japanese for help in creating a more perfect version of the model Taurus ("Taypyc") with engine Yamaha V6 ("Yamaha"), which developed a speed of up to 217 km / h

Tempo was a typical and poorly recognizable American model of Ford 80s. She was one of the family car with compact dimensions
The most attractive cars Ford produced is usually called the Lincoln Continental ("Lincoln Continental"). In the 80's. established closer ties with the European branch of Ford, which led to the creation of a unified database of American and European options Escort. Sold in the U.S. Ford vehicles are sometimes produced abroad: the classic example of this model, Probe ("Probe") and Capri ("Capri") of the late 80s. That were actually changed externally cars Mazda. And yet, the new American style embodied in the successful series of Taurus.
In the mid-60s. Ford Mustang by the term "compact car" ("pony car"). Mustang has spurred the emergence of a new category of powerful models built on sedans


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