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The name Datsun appeared due to difficulties in pronouncing foreign words in Japanese. Shotaro Hashi-moto (Sotaro Hasimoto), founded in 1911, the company Kwaishinsha ("Kvaysinsya") for the production of cars, soon renamed it the DAT. Compiled by the new name was from the first letters of the names of three persons (Den, Aoyama, Takeuchi-Den, Aoyama, Takeuchi), who owned the company.

This is not a company logo Datsun. The letter Z in a circle appeared only at the famous sports car series "Z". To explain such a symbol of machines is not possible
In 1930 there was a small car Datson ("Datsan"), but because the Japanese word "son" means "to lose, perish", the name quickly changed to Datsun ("Datsan"). In 1937 the company began to produce cars increased in size, received a mark of Nissan. In this same car sold in some markets as the Nissan, but on the other - as Datsun. For example, a sports model for Europe and the U.S. called Datsun 240Z, and Japan - Nissan Fairlady Z.
We touched on this theme is no accident. In Europe the habit of car companies with in-line engines were called Datsun, a V-shaped engines, which appeared in 1983, were called Nissan. In 50-ies. Nissan-Datsun developed rapidly, first acquiring a license for one of the models of English Austin ("Austin"), then mastered copies of these machines and then developing their own design.

Datsun S211 4-cylinder engine (1189 cm3, 60 hp) produced in small quantities from 1959 to 1963 It was only the beginning ...
Initially the company was engaged in building up production of simple and cheap family cars and light trucks. She tried to experiment with two small sports cars. The first is a real sports car was in the 60s. Fairlady SP310. Some people thought he was copied from the British "MGB" (Em-Gee-Bee), but it should be recalled that the latter was shown a year later.
The 70-th years. production of Nissan-Datsun reached 900 thousand cars per year. The company imported large quantities of their products in the U.S. and Europe, presented a well-known sports model "240Z". It almost immediately changed the prevailing image of a boring Datsun. Model "240Z" was very attractive and very fast and dynamic. She especially fell in love with Americans and became the best selling sports car in automotive history (until the mid-70s.).

Nissan 300ZX 90th. - Heir to the car "Z". With the engine with two turbochargers, he developed a speed of 250 km / h Here is an option for the United States with a naturally aspirated engine
The next 12 years, Nissan-Datsun retained the title of the second-largest car manufacturer in Japan. By the mid-80s. it works already produced 1.8 million cars a year, grew in popularity of sports models. For 9 years it has produced more than 540 thousand cars a series of "Z", and for the next five years -410 thousand cars a series of "280ZX".
Nothing seemed able to stop the advance of the company - not an energy crisis or a change of fashion, nor protectionist measures. Now, when all cars are an emblem of Nissan, ongoing development continues, but with the support of Renault ("Renault"). As a result of 2000 Renault-Nissan Alliance gathered about 5,000 thousand vehicles took 6th place in the world.

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