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Currently Tayota the world's largest manufacturer of automobiles. Their release, she began in 1936, although in reality was founded only in 1937 the first model was the prototype of "AA" with a 6-cylinder engine capacity of 3389 cm3, for which a sample was taken by car Chrysler Airflow («Chrysler Eyrflou" .) The first years of its history there was no hint of a bright future, because its program was dominated by military production, and post-war economic recovery in Japan was delayed. In 1950 an attempt was made to start cooperation with Ford («Ford"), to reduce the technological gap, but it did not work. At that time, Toyota opened its export division in South East Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. The first sign that the company should take a prominent place in the global automotive industry is the fact that in 1956 two journalists crossed by car Toyota Crown («Toyota Crown") way to 48 thousand miles between London and Tokyo for 8 months.

1100 Corolla Sedan («Corolla Sedan") in 1967 did not match the U.S. market, but well bought up in Japan and the poorer countries
Two years later, the model Crown Deluxe («Crown Deluxe") became the first Japanese car that has participated in international competition - "Rally around Australia." In the marathon length of 16 sq km is ranked third among the foreign cars. Thus was laid the foundation of mass exports. Began in the late 50s. importation of Toyota vehicles in the U.S. was discontinued as early as 1960, as Japanese products did not meet U.S. requirements. Having learned this invaluable experience, the company returned to the market in 1965 with a much more appropriate models, and since then the United States became her biggest customer. In 1962, the millionth car was produced and appeared Toyota RWD model Corolla («Corolla"), the millionth copy of which appeared already in 1969
Dear Toyota Celica Cabrio («Toyota Celica Convertible") end of the 80s. speeds up to 200 km / h
The first overseas branch of the Toyota, a research center in Newport Beach, opened in 1973 and in May 1986 the company began production at its first U.S. plant in Georgetown, ea. Kentucky. In 1965 he began exporting to the UK, and in 1970-71. - In Germany, Italy and France. By this time, Toyota has already launched its first sports car Sports 800, shown at the Tokyo Motor Show 1964 This machine had a two-cylinder engine with a working volume of 790 cm3 capacity of 45 hp Then in 1967, a model «2000GT» with 6-cylinder engine with two camshafts (2 liters, 150 hp). It was the first Japanese supercar, but at least it appeared in the U.S. and Shelbi Carroll (Carroll Shelby), selling it was small.
Toyota Carina GTi («Toyota Carina") has performed with great success in the British Touring Car Championship
After «2000GT» company focused on practical family car, although in the late 70s. models such as the Celica («Celica") affirmed the company's ability in sports. On the controllability of the machine is not inferior to European competitors. That did not stop the inexorable growth of Toyota, which introduced a generation of successful models of Corolla, which has become very popular in the world.
Presented at the 1967 Toyota 2000GT was the first Japanese supercar. Engine 150 hp provided him the speed to 209 km / h

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