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Company for the production of horse-drawn carriages Pontiac Buggy ("Pontiac Buggy") was founded in 1893 in Pontiac, Michigan. In 1907 she produced cars Oakland ("Oakland"). The first Pontiac car appeared only in 1926 (low-cost Pontiac Six ("Pontiac Six"). Concern General Motors ("GM"), which bought the firm for a long time not engaged in its development. 

The credibility of the manufacturer of sports cars Pontiac has won the character of separation in the 60s., Releasing a series of "relativity." Here is an instance of 1968
By the 50-th years. Pontiac at its corporate status in the concern was between GM Chevrolet ("Chevy") and Oldsmobile ("Oldsmobil"). Pontiac sales volume usually takes the sixth place, successfully competing with such offices as the Mercury ("Mercury") Group Ford ("Ford") and Dodge ("Dodge") concern Chrysler ("Chrysler").

These posters were decorated in the 70s. Pontiac Firebird cars
With no claims to produce cars with outstanding performance, the company, however, moved into the 60s. in third place behind Chevrolet and Ford. Only after she presented velocity model Tempest GTO ("Tempest"). Tempest GTO debuted, and followed the model Firebird ("Fayrberd"), a similar Chevrolet Camaro ("Chevrolet Camaro"), changed the reputation of Pontiac. Depending on the year the first generation Firebird equipped with a 6-cylinder engines with overhead camshaft (3769 cm3 and 115-235 hp or 4093 cm3 and 175-215 hp) engines or V8 (5340 cm3 and 253-285 l . p., 5799 cm3 and 265-325 hp or 6558 cm3 and 330-345 hp).

Pontiac Chieftain ("Chieftain") offered in versions with a sedan, convertible and station wagon. It is a model 1953 with nizhneklapannym V8 engine 118 hp
During this period, the head of Pontiac was John Zachary DeLorian (John Zachary DeLorean), has left a special mark in the history of the company. The 70-th years. its cars have become more sporty look. In the 80's. Pontiac allowed herself to develop a model Fiero ("Fiero") with the engine within the wheelbase.

Two-seat Pontiac Fiero engine within the wheelbase
And in the early 90s. important for the company, which produces mainly close to the Chevrolet and Oldsmobile ("Oldsmobil"), family cars, remained a model Firebird. In terms of sales Pontiac ranked third in the U.S., even in a difficult country for the 1991 release of more than half a million vehicles. At the beginning of the XXI century in its program, there were very fashionable in the U.S. generalists such as "sports yutiliti" Aztec ("Aztec") and Vibe ("Vibe"). His minivan is purchasers Montana ("Montana"). In 2002 one of its variants get all-wheel chassis, with a unified Aztec.

In the 1970 model "station" was a nice two-door body, a shorter base, andthe name of The Judge ("Judge")

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