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Ransom Eli Olds (Ransom Eli Olds) began construction of a pilot of steam in 1891, after which followed a small cart with a single-cylinder gasoline engine. In 1901 he introduced the world's first passenger car production Curved Dash Runabout ("Dash Runabout Karved"). By the time the industrialist SL Smith (SL Smith) acquired the company Olds Gasoline Engine Works ("Olds Gezoulin Engin Works") to his two sons. Curved Dash model was so successful that in 1904 the company manufactured more than five thousand cars. They had a one-cylinder engine capacity of 1600 cm3 and a maximum speed 36 km / h

Sport Coupe Oldsmobile Toronado 1970 complete a 7-liter V8 engine with a compression ratio 10.25, which developed 375 hp at 4600 rev / min. Standard features include Turbo Hydramatic transmission and power steering mechanism and brakes
After Olds left the company he created, he founded the group REO (RIO). In 1909, Oldsmobile was one of the founders of the group General Motors ("GM"), abbreviated as GM (of GM), the world's largest manufacturer of cars.
By the 20-th years., Under the leadership of Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (Alfred Sloan), Oldsmobile located in the hierarchy of concern immediately after the Cadillac ("Cadillac") and Buick ("Buick") and before Pontiac ("Pontiac") and Chevrolet ("Chevrolet "). For many years the company has followed the dictates of the concern, issuing ordinary model. Except for the stylistic frills 50-60s., She rarely offered anything outstanding, constantly taking 5-6 places in the U.S. by sales volume.

The first cars Rznsom Eli Olds built back in the 90s. XIX century. With his firm began a long history of the American automobile industry
Only in 1965 appeared the first and only true supercar - front-drive Toronado ("Toronado"). This is a great coupe with a V8 engine was a direct competition to Ford Thunderbird ("Ford Thunderbird") and proved the viability of technological GM. British Journal of Motor vehicle after the test said that the Toronado's most powerful and most original ever seen. He "proved that the front-wheel drive can perfectly coexist with a 7-liter engine."
This car was the first front wheel drive in the range of GM and the only time in the programs of American firms. The practice of corporate planning are not allowed Oldsmobile to maintain a monopoly. Soon after this arrangement carried over to the model Cadillac Eldorado ("Eldorado").

Oldsmobile Toronado 1967 was a true supercar with a front-wheel drive. His 7-liter V-shaped 8-cylinder engine developed 385 hp power and very high torque, providing greater maximum speed
In the 60's. Many had hoped that after the Oldsmobile Toronado company will offer a few more similar cars, but expectations were not fulfilled. In those years, Toronado was the most powerful and brightest in the range of Oldsmobile. By the 80 th years. model is reduced in size and become less powerful and has lost its appeal. By the early 90s. Almost all machines have received a front-wheel drive.
In the early 90s. Oldsmobile was the fourth place in terms of sales among U.S. companies, selling more than 400 thousand cars per year. In XXI century the company has entered not only to family sedans, but with the OLA Silhouette ("Silhouette"), and suv Bravada II ("bravado").
Oldsmobile Toronado ("Oldsmobil Toronado") 1965-1992
After the Second World War and up until the 60s. GM group followed the same basic concept - a classic chassis design, massive and inefficient engines, mass custom-built equipment and extravagant body. Then came the 60s. - The impact of the engineer Ed Cole (Ed Cole) and a number of technically unusual cars. The first was an unsuccessful Chevrolet Corvair, and then followed by a wave machine Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac. Following the Corvette Stingray ("Corvette Stingrey") with all-wheel independent suspension has its first since the Cord 810/812 front-drive American car Toronado.

Sport Coupe Oldsmobile Toronado first edition (1966-67). Enjoyed huge demand
Until the mid-60s. American cars in this class possess V8 engine and rear-wheel drive. Technically, they differed little from cars 50s. The new Toronado - only 4-seater coupe body had a massive 5.8 meters in length and do not fit into the same range of Oldsmobile. V-shaped 8-cylinder Oldsmobile 7.0 liter working volume retained familiar location, but the length and below it housed an automatic transmission Hydramatic. The torque converter was attached to the flywheel as usual, but with the box connected multilink chain width of 5 cm to-the-box bolts joined the main channel from which the torque is transmitted to the semi front drive wheels.
Other features, such as frame, which coincides with the perimeter of the body, drive amplifiers were fairly traditional. Body designer David North (David North) different smooth surfaces. Despite the lack of GM's expertise in building front-wheel drive, a gigantic coupe proved to be very agile. Its sales have gone from the beginning very much alive. Machine cost in the performance of De Luxe ("De Luxe") 4812 dollars.

In 1969, the radiator grille has changed shape
The American Automobile historian Richard Lenguort (Richard Langworth) describes the Toronado: "Probably the most prominent model of Oldsmobile 60s. Although variations 1968-70 years. Was not as expressive as the 1966-67 models. Toronado was a milestone." All machines have the first issue of the engine capacity of 385 hp and body compartments. In 1968 the engine capacity was increased from 7.0 to 7.4 liters and power up to - 400 hp By this time appeared a twin Toronado Cadillac Eldorado, differing only in the form of a body and a more powerful engine V8.
The first-generation Toronado with a wheelbase of 3.02 meters and engine capacity of up to 400 hp produced within five years. The next generation has become larger and heavier, but less powerful. Shape of the body and sharpened steel closer to Eldorado 70s. Unlike the latter, Toronado has never released a version of the convertible. In 1971, the wheelbase was increased to 3.1 m and used a different engine (7457 cm3, 350 hp). Then the power is rapidly decreased up to 250 hp in 1972 and up to 215 hp in 1975 1977 was declared the engine cylinder capacity of 6477 cm3 (200 hp).
At the end of 1978 continued the process of reducing the size and the power dropped to 190 hp (6577 cm3). More stringent requirements for exhaust emissions has led to the fact that the car had lost their best qualities and charm. The third-generation Toronado wheel base has decreased to 2.9 m, and the engine power - up to 165 hp Despite the conservation in the early 90s. positions in the program, Oldsmobile, Toronado was no longer a supercar, as before. For five years the company produced 143,134 Toronado coupe first generation, and in 1970-78 years. - 267,888 second-generation machines.

In 1969, the front wheel with the Toronado was just Cadillac Eldorado

Characteristics (1966)
Engine: V8, the overhead
Bore and Stroke: 109,2 x101, 1 mm
Displacement: 6965 cm3
Maximum Power: 385 hp
Transmission: 3-speed manual gearbox, the drive - rear-wheel drive
Chassis: the steel frame
Suspension: front independent torsion bar on double triangular wishbone, rear-dependent spring
Brakes: drum
Body: 4-seater coupe
Maximum speed: 209 km / h

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