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Despite the fact that Renault is not the first in France began producing vehicles, it has quickly become the largest automaker in the country. The first model of his brothers, Louis (Louis), Marcel (Marcel) and Fernand (Fernan) Reno was built in 1898 and in 1900 sold for about 200 cars. Soon the company started manufacturing racing cars (Marseille while successfully performed in competition, and in 1906 won the race a Renault Grand Prix). The main products were the same of its usual traffic model. Between the two world wars, the company significantly expanded its product range, offering a range of small Juvaquatre ("Zhyuvakatr") with a 1-liter engine up to a huge Reinastella ("Reynastella") with an 8-cylinder engine cylinder capacity of 7 liters.
1925 Renault 40CV with a 9.1-liter engine producing 45 hp enjoyed prestige among Parisian society
After the Second World War, when Louis Renault was accused of collaboration with the German occupiers and nationalized his company, Renault for many years engaged in the production of small cheap car rear-"4CV" and the Dauphine ("Dauphin"). Nevertheless, the renowned French specialist Amede Gordini engines (Amede'e Gordini) created on the basis of their high-speed versions. To the 60-th years., Becoming the largest car manufacturer in France, Renault began to increase range. She introduced the rear-model "R8 Gordini", successfully campaigned in rallies, began developing a new series of vehicles with front engine and front wheel drive. At the same time Renault has to supply components to firms Alpine ("Alpine"), and Matra-Bonnet ("Matra Bonnet"), which helped raise its prestige in motor sport.
A small Renault AX 2-cylinder engine was used as a taxi in Paris and London
Sports division at first engaged in race-sports cars, but by the mid 70s. created a single machine series Formula Renault ("Formula Renault") and the first model for the formula 1. In those years, Renault has established firm control over the Alpine, and then built a high-speed coupe Alpine-Renault, including the engine V6, and faster, "A610 GTA", which are collected for it at the Alpine factory in Dieppe.
In the 70-80s. Renault has established contacts with such automakers as the French Peugeot ("Peugeot"), the Dutch DAF (DAF) and the Swedish Volvo ("Volvo"). Trade is an agreement with the American company Chrysler ("Chrysler") ended in failure. Common to different models of Renault, Peugeot and Volvo V6 engine was also used in cars DeLorean DMC-12 ("DeLorian") and MVS Venturi ("Venturi").
Renault A610 with a 3-liter engine producing 250 hp (90s).
Renault has not always been profitable, and the French government sometimes had to go to the high cost, to save her in difficult situations. And all the money to develop the original models of small series, such as sports Renault 5 Turbo ("Renault 5 Turbo"), or the famous motors for cars of Formula 1 90s., Are.
The most prominent sports cars Renault 90s. were Clio Williams ("Clio Williams"), manufactured and road version, Sport Spider ("Sport Spider") and Laguna ("Laguna"), which is managed by Alain Menu (Alain Menu) won the 1997 British body championship.

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