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A young man named William Lyons (William Lyons) from the town of Blackpool in 1922, signed a cooperation agreement with William Walmsley (William Walmsley), which eventually led to the famous brand Jaguar ("Jaguar"). However, the company produced its first motorcycle wheelchair Swallow ("Swallow"). In the late 20's. Lyons turned his artistic ability to create a vehicle body.

There are different versions of the transcripts indicate "SS". After the Second World War the company name was changed to Jaguar
The very first car with a body Swallow became Austin Seven ("Austin Shebna"), went on sale in 1927 was followed by Morris ("Morris"), FIAT (FIAT), Swift ("Swift") and Wolseley ("Wolsey-Do "). By 1928 the company was close to the old walls, and she moved to the area Foulshill Coventry. Here, its growth has continued, and in the early 30s. Lyons had the idea to release cars under the name "SS". No one knew what actually designated these letters, but the company SS Cars Ltd. became the natural successor to Swallow Coachbuilding ("Swallow Kouchbilding").
In 1935, bought out the share of a partner, Lyons turned the company into a corporation and has chosen for a number of its cars called Jaguar. Then the first model SS-Jaguar. Soon after the first car created "SS100", reach a maximum speed of 161 km / h, and then there was the first car with all-steel sedan (1938).

This remarkable car is worth very cheap. Proud owner of a tourist "SSII" poses before the start of the rally Blackpool in 1935, surrounded by fans
Because the company has remained small, its finances were sufficient only to develop their own body structures and chassis for the purchase of more powerful car manufacturers. Therefore, the first four years, it acquired all the mechanical components from the company Standard ("Standard") from Coventry, and her model "SSI" with a 6-cylinder and the "SSII" 4-cylinder engines were largely similar to the Standard cars of those years.
The elegant new car buyers liked the brand, which greatly contributed to their lower price compared to all competitors. If the 1932 SS Cars built 776 cars in 1935 - 1720, then in 1939 - 5378. And this at a time when the firm's competitors, Alvis ("Alvis"), Riley ("Riley") and Triumph ("Triumph"), have lost much of its customers.

Touring the "SS" in 1937 with a folding top and a 3.5-liter 6-cylinder engine, which provided a high cruising speed machine
In 1935, Lyons invited for the post of Chief Engineer William Haynes (William Heynes), which created a new chassis for the model SS-Jaguar, as well as Shrri Uesleyka (Harry Weslake) to build on the base cylinder engine overhead valve engine the new Standard. Lyons himself has developed a new body design, which ultimately made him a very attractive car.
During World War II, SS Cars supplied components for a variety of bombers and fighters, including jet Meteor ("Meteor") and special purpose trailers. Simultaneously, the designers of the company have developed a completely new engine with two overhead camshafts.
Immediately after the war the company because of the sinister meaning of the abbreviation "SS" was renamed Jaguar Cars. Next three years, SS-Jaguar Sedans prewar sample sold under the emblem of the Jaguar. The first post-war sedan Jaguar Mk V was the stylistic features of previous models and packaged with a 6-cylinder engine, SS-Jaguar. Following the "Mk V" sport "HK120" and sedan "Mk VII" does not have anything to do with it.

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