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The world's largest and perhaps the most successful motorcycle manufacturer has decided in the 60s. to start producing cars. After 30 years, he became the third largest Japanese automaker, which annually sells 1.5 million cars. From a technical point of view, the most interesting in this period there were two 2-bed model - "S800" and "NSX".

After Honda has won a high reputation of the manufacturer of high quality motorcycles, its leadership decided to engage the release of vehicles. Under the emblem with the letter "I" is almost never come across copies of European designs, but there were many technical innovations of their own
She started as a small issue with the Honda sports car with a front engine, which by the end of the 60s. entered into a series of "S800". Then the company began development of family cars with front wheel drive transverse engine, gradually increase in size and come down to the middle class.
In the 70-80s. Earlier versions were replaced by new models with ever-increasing pace: a series of Civic ("Civic") supplemented by a series Accord ("Accord"), then Prelude ("Prelude"). Simultaneously, the company filled a different niche market, with the result that there were sedans Ballade ("The Ballad") hatchbacks Quintet ("Quintet"). In the end, were formed by the full series of different vehicles (sedans, hatchbacks, coupes and station wagons), based on identical platforms.

On the model of "NSX", introduced in 1969, the company Honda was able to prove that she is fully capable to create a sports car at Ferrari ("Ferrari")
Specifications and later financial ties with the company Rover ("Rover") resulted in 80-ies. to the creation of a joint project of Honda Legend / Rover 800, the first Honda V6 engine and the opening of the American Branch of the Acura ("Acura"). As is the case with other Japanese corporations, it seemed that only a limited amount of time, new cars, the company put up for sale.
By 1990, Honda has not only opened a plant in Swindon (UK), and introduced its first supercar "NSX" with the engine within the database to deal with the Ferrari 328/348. The company was so profitable, technologically advanced and obsessed with motor racing at the senior management level, which was able to achieve outstanding results in the classroom with its Formula 1 cars and engines. However, the main efforts of Honda aims at extensively developing and manufacturing of family cars.

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