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The first in Australia in 1925 were collected cars like Ford T. In a few years important components of Australian manufacturing steel bodywork for cars model "A". Up until the 60s. all Australian Ford cars had their own design. The 70-th years. car Ford-Australia differed from the U.S., but still followed in line with overseas trends, which led to the emergence of such interesting hybrids as a model Cortina ("Cortina") with 6-cylinder engine cylinder capacity of 4.1 liters.

Ford-Australia no still uses an oval logo with a classic sign
Later, for the Australian "LTD" and the Falcon XD ("Falcon") used the stylistic decisions of the European car Granada ("Granada"). In the 80's. increasing influence of Steel due to Ford's Japanese Mazda ("Mazda"). Model Laser ("Laser") end of the 90s. was upgraded Mazda 323, and the only fully Australian Ford vehicles were model series Falcon / Fairmont ("Fairmont") / Ramapo ("Feyrleyn").
For Ford-Australia in the 80s. outstanding sports car turned out to Capri, based at the Mazda 323. In the 90's. successful sports sedan was "XR6" forced the company to Tickford ("Tikford") engine on the model Falcon. At the beginning of the XXI century Australian Ford collects quite a large family cars Falcon classic layout. In the summer of 2001 took them to another upgrade.
Ford Capri ("Ford Capri")
The idea for a new compact sports car captured the American Ford in the early 80's he, "why the various European exhibitions demonstrated barketta concept, created by Ghia (" Gia "). Then, as often happens at Ford, the policy has changed, the car refused, but instead appeared convertible based on the Mazda 323.
Financial ties with the Japanese Mazda Ford began installing the 70-ies. and gradually began to use parts of its production and the experience of a small car class. The new Capri, Ford-Australia gathered and sold in the United States as a Mercury Capri ("Mercury Capri"), a fine example.
Mazda 323, which appeared in 1980 along with a new front wheel drive Ford Escort, suffered a major upgrade in 1985, and after 4 years it appeared the third generation. It was the ideal basis for a new sports model Ford.
For new items meant two options for the 16-valve engine with fuel injection: a supercharged, and the second without charge. The engine and transmission components is upgraded nodes from Mazda 323, which came from Japan. Externally, the machine was significantly different from zadneprivod-term Mazda MX-5, which used the same engine.
Body with retractable headlights was created by Ghia of Turin, and the interior decoration of bother "atelier" ItalDesign ("ItalDi-Zain"). Launch of the new Capri was mysteriously delayed until 1989, and although the car was sold in Australia under the name of Ford, in the U.S. it was called Mercury. He is too sporty Capri explains why concern Ford did not sell it in Europe.

In the picture presented to the American Mercury. However, the Australian Capri differs from it only logos. This sports car has a front-engine with two camshafts and Turbocharged

Characteristics (1989)
Engine: P4, two camshafts
Bore and stroke: 78x83, 6 mm
Displacement: 1598 cm3
Maximum power: 105 or 136 hp
Transmission: 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic
Chassis: integral body
Suspension: independent on the helical springs
Brakes: disc
Body: Cabriolet 2 2
Maximum speed: 201 km / h (turbo)

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