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Maserati brothers began to manufacture sports cars and racing cars for the Grand Prix at the factory in Bologna. The authority of the company earned victories in the competition, which among other things procured for her Tazio Nuvolari (Tazio Nuvolari). In 1937 the brothers sold their company Adolfo (Adolpho), and Omer Orsi (Omer Orsi), but continued to work with them until 1947, when the group was founded OSCA (OSKA).
Orsi was transferred to production in Modena and began producing road cars "A6", "A6G" and "A6G54". However, this trend remained marginal until 1957 in a spectacular car "3500". Prior to that, 10 years Maserati has produced only 137 road cars.

Alejandro de Tomaso wanted to attract more affluent buyers. Biturbo Spyder ("biturbo Spider") put into practice his intention
Subsequently, the production structure of the company was changing very rapidly. By the mid-60s. Issue stopped racing models, such as road cars like the Sebring ("Sebring") and Mistral ("Mistral") sold hundreds of pieces annually. Very soon, Maserati has been actively compete with the company Ferrari ("Ferrari"). This struggle for primacy among supercars continues to this day.
A further step forward due to the appearance of models "5000GT", Quattroporte ("Kvatroporte"), Mexico ("Mexico") and the Ghibli ("Ghibli"). But then, Maserati brothers sold Orsi French company Citroen ("Citroen"), approving the start of production vehicles such as the Indy ("Indy"), Khamsin ("Khamsin") and a mid-Bora ("Bora") and Merak ("Merak") . At the same time for a coupe "SM" she decided to use the engine Maserati V6. However, financial problems have not ended Maserati. In 1975, Citroen has stopped participating in the fate of Maserati.

Pre-war Maserati sports bodies produced from a variety of styles. In the photo - Tipo 4CM-1500 (1932-38 gg.)
At the same time, it was announced the bankruptcy of the company, but Alejandro De Tomaso dealer (Alejandro De Tomaso) bought it and proceeded to recovery. First, he has released several new machines Quattroporte model, and then there was a model Kyalami ("Kyalami") - is actually an upgraded De Tomaso Longchamp ("Longchamp").

Car Tipo 4 VI6 was built in two copies in 1929, only one survived. Its engine was a two-line "eight", crankshafts are connected by gears to a central shaft. The car developed a speed of 241 km / h
In order to produce less expensive cars in large numbers, De Tomaso decided to combine all its brands (De Tomaso, Innocenti and others). In 1981 there was a 2-liter Biturbo ("biturbo"), made ​​in the 80s. in several ways. The working volume of its V6 engine with a turbocharger gradually increased to 2.8 liters, but the body remained edgy. Close relationship with the concern Chrysler ("Chrysler") and did not become official, so in the late 80's. Maserati new things worse. The volume of sales, which grew from 195 vehicles in 1976 to 6180 in 1984, declined in 1989 to 2617 pieces. As a result, 49% of the shares purchased package FIAT, having bought it in full in 1998

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