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This short-lived brand came after the company acquired Kjell Jensen Kvali (Kjell Qvale), a rich car dealer in San Francisco. Donald Healey (Donald Healey) became its CEO. Both have shown a clear interest in preserving the name Healey. Qualified to sell in the U.S. are mainly imported sports cars and Healey needed a new partner by collaborating with the former - Concern Navy / British Leyland (Bee-Em-C / "British Leyland") - is over.

: Since the car makers did not consider sports, the name was dropped in favor Healey Jensen GT
Acquisitions made in 1970, was from a commercial point of view perspective. The factory in West Bromwich Jensen produced in the 60s. Tens of thousands of sports models for other car companies: Body assembly to the chassis for the Austin-Healey 3000 ("Austin-Healey"), the complete assembly of Volvo P1800 ("Volvo"), and later Sunbeam Tiger ("Sunbeam Tiger"). The new leadership was planning to collect the Jensen-Healey cars in large quantities.

Acquisition of Kwale K. Jensen has led to the emergence of a new brand
Meanwhile, production of cars with engine Jensen Chrysler continued until 1972, when the car in sale Jensen-Healey. Soon the production capacity of the plant have been exhausted, the project is always delivered some concern. By the end of 1975 sales are down, the old "big" Jensen is almost completely out of date, there were financial problems.

Management of the newly established company Jensen-Healey was planning to produce their cars in large quantities at a factory in West Bromwich. Having made several prototypes, the company settled on the sample shown here, the series (1972)
In 1976 Kvali liquidated its British branch. Production cars Jensen-Healey stopped. Since no production car is no longer wore the famous name Healey.
Jensen-Healey ("Healey Jensen"), 1972-1976
Following statements by the leadership of British Leyland that the Austin-Healey brand should cease to exist, and that the effect of advisory agreements end, Donald Healey and his sons began to develop a new model. In the final she was the sports car of Jensen-Healey.

Car "FROM" with cargo-body was made of 473 pieces
For the original project have been used parts manufacturing Vauxhall ("Boxing Hall"), mainly on the model of Viva GT ("Viva GT"), but the engine with one cam and equipment to reduce exhaust emissions in accordance with the requirements of the United States was not enough. Therefore, developers have settled on a new 16-valve engine pannom Lotus 907 ("Lotus") with two camshafts and transmission production of the British Branch Chrysler model Sunbeam Rapier H120 ("Reypie").
By the time of submission of a new car from Vauxhall there were only a front and rear suspension and steering. Jensen Steel body released itself. Externally, the machine does not particularly distinguished, but before deciding on a formulation for the production of built several intermediate body. The car was a two-seater sports with excellent controllability.

Jensen GT has a comfortable and informative instrument panel
Undermined the reputation of a model problem with the gearbox gears because of the large capacity of the new engine Lotus. Position fixed cosmetic changes and the replacement of the box body of 5-speed unit Getrag ("Getrag"). The level of sales has not reached the planned since the energy crisis struck, and the car has never been economical. Another problem - terrible quality control, hence the uneven placement of panels and a bad finish, as well as the virtual absence of body protection against corrosion. With the cessation of sales in 1976 Jensen-Healey brand was gone forever. Less than 4 years have been collected 10,926 pieces of Jensen-Healey and 473 - Jensen GT.

For the prototype used parts from the Viva GT. Production car was the engine Lotus

Characteristics (Jensen-Healey, 1972)
Engine: P4, two overhead camshafts
Bore and Stroke: 95,2 x69, 3 mm
Displacement: 1973 cm3
Maximum Power: 140 hp
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Chassis: on the host body
Suspension: front independent on helical springs, rear leaf springs on the dependent
Brakes: disc / drum
Body: an open two-seater, with the optional hard top
Maximum speed: 192 km / h
Variants of Jensen-Healey Jensen GT
Produced in 1975-76. and had a combi 3-door body sports type. It was heavier than the roadster up to 30 kg, but had the same characteristics.

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