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In 50-ies. Managing Director John Gordon (John Gordon) and designer Jim Qiblah (Jim Keeble) were involved in the creation and production sports coupe Peerless ("Peerless"), which later was renamed Warwick ("Warwick"). Their last work was setup on the car engine Chevrolet V8 ("Chevrolet"). Then they seized the idea of ​​creating a new car.
Working together, they planned a full-fledged four-seater coupe with a body of fiberglass. But, unlike the model of Peerless / Warwick, Gordon and Qiblah is not only used an American engine Chevrolet V8, but ordered a body of Italian design company Bertone ("Burton"). It was the first British-Italian-American hybrid of 60s., Who later added Jensen Interceptor ("Jensen Interceptor") and a series of Bristol 407/412 ("Bristol").

Gordon-Keeble produced only one model with a body by Bertone, and the engine Chevrolet V8. Despite such advantages, such as fiberglass bodywork and suspension vy de Dion, buyers were not willing to acquire it for the asking price
Pre-production took four years. By the time the company became known as Gordon-Keeble and financial assistance Uonsboro George (George Wansborough), previously worked at the firm Jowett ("Dzhouitt"), and also acquired a factory in Eastleigh, near Southampton.
From the outset, the main problem of Gordon-Keeble was the need to maintain low prices for their products, otherwise it was impossible to sell cars. But it did not give profit, and when raised the price, sales have fallen.
After the release of more than 100 cars, developed the speed of 217 km / h, the company went bankrupt. Her firm has acquired Harold Smith ("Smith Herold") from London, renamed the model in Gordon-Keeble IT and tried to sell for a higher price, but failed.

Finally, in 1967 bought the assets of a bankrupt American De Bruno (De Bruyne). His company of Newmarket in the East of England attempted to revive the model under the name De Bruyne. The car even shown at the New York Auto Show. Unfortunately, the efforts did not lead to success. Although Jim Qiblah organized a company to service and repair of cars produced, it was the end of the project. However, due to fiberglass body and maintainability of the chassis, most of these cars still exists.
Gordon-Keeble GKl ("Gordon-Qiblah GKl") 1964-1965
The first prototype of a future production model, Gordon-Keeble GKl Jim Qiblah was created in 1960 core design frame made ​​of square tubes, engine Chevrolet V8 (4 L, 230 hp) and a steel body, designed and manufactured by Italian Bertone. The machine is one of the first front in Europe was with 4 lights. Among the other technical features of note rear suspension de Dion, disc brakes on all wheels and the U.S. transmission Borg-Warner ("Borg Warner").

"GK1" one of the first European car has dual headlights, but unfortunately, their eastern "bracing" spoil the purity of body lines
After the debut has been delayed due to problems with obtaining steel body at a reasonable price. Output has not been found, and the company decided to use fiberglass, which was cheaper. Serial machines were equipped with more powerful engines and more efficient disc brakes. Frames are produced at a factory in Eastleigh, a housing body supplied by Williams & Pritchard ("William and Pritchard") from London.
Reports road tests, car turned flattering. Gordon-Keeble GKl was fast, comfortable, had a beautiful body and sold at very attractive price. While the combination of qualities and "image" allowed him to enter into the group of such machines as the Aston Martin ("Aston Martin"), Bristol ("Bristol") and Jensen ("Jensen").
Except for a few rotary air guides, instrument panel "GK1" produced a very good impression
"GK1" had a steady sale at a price of GBP 2798, but did not bring any profit. After increasing in 1965 cost up to 3626 GBP actually stopped the sale. Then the company bought the firm Harold Smith (Motors) Ltd. and increased the price of the model before 3989, and then - up to 4058 GBP After renaming the two (the last name De Bruyne), the car remained the same as in 1964, Total sold 99 cars Gordon-Keeble GKl.
Big and beautiful coupe "GK1" with great panoramic windshield and long cowl was established car body "studio" Bertone
Characteristics (1964)
Engine: V8, the overhead
Bore and Stroke: 101,6 x82, 55 mm
Displacement: 5355 cm3
Maximum Power: 300 hp
Transmission: 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic
Chassis: the steel frame
Suspension: the helical springs - front independent and rear dependent de Dion
Brakes: disc
Body: 4-seater coupe fiberglass
Maximum speed: 219 km / h

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