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During its long history of TVR in Blackpool many times passed from one owner to another, but it is not surprising that individual. In 50-ies. its cars were extremely athletic with fiberglass bodies, tubular frame and purchased units. In the 90's. They are the same, but have become more powerful and representative.
The company history began with the fact that Trevor Wilkinson (Trevor Wilkinson), who built sports cars, has decided to increase their production. His first car appeared in 1949, but only in 1954, he built a model with the emblem of TVR - abbreviation of the name Trevor. The new company was a small shop, with modest equipment. For several years she was placed in an old factory, which produced the wheel. In 1956 the company moved to Layton, on the outskirts of Blackpool. The number of cars produced was growing very slowly. In 1958, a model Grantura («Grantura"), famous for its creator in the whole country. Over the next four years, was built nearly 500 such cars with different engines. Nevertheless, the company, failing to recover from a crisis, fell into another.
Griffith model 1963, capable of a maximum speed of 240 km / h, had a body from the car and the engine Grantura Ford V8 (4727 cm3)
In 1962 the company introduced a TVR Grantura Mk III. Car sales in the U.S. allowed to begin production of the Griffith («Griffith") with an engine V8. Then, because of the current problems with the financing of Trevor Wilkinson left the company, and she came under the control Grantura Engineering («Grantura Engineering"). That, in turn, went bankrupt in 1965, Her bought the Arthur (Arthur), and Lilly Martin (Martin Lilley). Since then, the company's position became stronger. In 1970 it moved to its current premises. Successfully used its model series "M" and Taimar («Taymar"), as well as very high-speed Turbo («Turbo"). Even a major fire that occurred in 1975, could not undermine its position: in the mid 70s. each year the company produced 350 cars.

Tasmin model produced in convertible and coupe versions in the 1980-88 years. with the engine Ford V6, and then - Rover V8
The next generation of cars TVR, a series of wedge-shaped Tasmin («tasmin") was presented in 1980, soon followed by a slight decline due to the decrease of exports, but then sales rose again. In 1982 the company moved to a new host, this time it was acquired by Peter Wheeler (Peter Wheeler). He has taken measures to increase production, used Ford V6 engines and the Rover V8, the body moved to the rounded forms. He also began to produce cheaper and more simple model of «S» to the cabriolet.

Car Tuscan («Tas-ken") in the race Snetterton (1992). Just like Griffith, he was packaged with the version of V-shaped 8-cylinder engine capacity of 320 hp Rover
In the 90's. company presented new models almost every year. Some were prototypes. The most popular cars were Griffith, Chimaera («Chimera") and Cerbera («Cerberus"), as well as an extremely powerful Speed ​​Twelve («Speed ​​Tvelv") with its own modular engine «AJP», which, when the working volume of 7.7 liters provided the speed up to 386 km / h

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