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Department of Ford Britain ("Ford UK") was opened 8 years after the parent company, founded by Henry Ford (Henry Ford) in the U.S.. It happened in 1911 with the beginning of the first assembly plant in Trafford Park, Manchester. Other European subsidiaries such as Ford Germany ("Ford Germany", 1925), Matford ("Matford", 1934) and Ford France ("Ford France", 1947), came to light later, each with its own managerial staff and its own distribution network.

Ford Europe uses Basic logo (here reproduced in the company name in the blue oval). In recent decades, increasingly used standardized series of machines
Before the 30-ies. all produced in Europe, American cars were designed - Model "T", "A" and "V8" - and used a variety of American-made components. In 30-ies. was a series of midget cars in Europe with eight motors and 10 hp, and then came the period of their own development. Prior to the 60s. British, French and German cars differ structurally, and themselves branch maintained their independence from each other. After 10 years they have entered into a single organization Ford Europe, was a joint development of models. Later, Ford built a plant in Spain, where he began making front-wheel drive model Fiesta ("Fiesta").
Department of the European Ford first produced different models. Anglia 105E ("105E England") with a bent back rear window - British model 50s. The integration began in the 70s. One of the first models with a common body has become Capri ("Capri"), in photo at right shows a special version of "RS3100" with a British engine V6, improved suspension and brakes
In the 60's. English Ford in terms of production ahead of its competitors in the UK, taking the habit of more frequent updating of models. The basis for this success are cars like the first version of the model Cortina ("Cortina"), production of which began in 1962 and was accompanied by the necessary changes to maintain the attractiveness of appearance. In 1966, her body became more angular, and then came version of "Mk3" with smooth lines, and then returned to the sharp forms. Ford has made every effort to maintain the freshness of the design of the conventional car. In the same way done with a series of Escort ("Escort"), while the third generation of these cars has become front-wheel, and the successor of Cortina - a streamlined model of the Sierra ("Sierra") - has remained rear-wheel drive. Virtually every European Ford model was intended for mass production, but in the 60s. goal was to achieve the heights of motorsports. So on this special limited edition sports car.
When Ford was unable to acquire the company Ferrari, UK prostroili own racing GT40 Le Mans ("Le Mans")
The first of these was in the 1963 Lotus Cortina - Model Cortina engine Lotus, and collected by this company. For two years she was recognized the winner of the rally and circuit racing. It was replaced by Escort Twin-Cam ("Twin Cam") with the same engine, and later published a series of sporting options Escort. They also praised Ford victories around the world.
After the release of 70-ies. a number of interesting sports sedan. Ford Europe has lost face. The authority was restored after the development of high-speed Sierra. This image shows the version of the Cosworth RS500 1987
Along with the model developed in the U.S. Mustang in Europe, released a similar car Capri smaller. Capri produced in a variety of options, but most impressive were "V6" and special "RS". In the early 80s. the flow of new products for some time exhausted. At the end of the decade, new exciting machines, in particular the Escort RS Turbo and Sierra RS Cosworth ("Kosuort").
Yet the most successful and high-speed wheel-drive road car was a Sierra Cosworth engine within the database who are late to join the short-lived rally in the category of groups ("B"). By the early 90s. created several of its different variants - hatchback and sedan, including the all-wheel drive performance, as well as a quick and easy Escort RS Cosworth.
Since the beginning of "all-wheel drive" era in international rallies (late 70s). There are other manufacturers are ambitious, but with the Escort Cosworth Ford retained its fighting capacity. Lady in the 90s. Escort rally options have been competitive
In the 90's. something went wrong in the European Ford. In the UK, he was subjected to the strongest attack resurgent Vauxhall ("Vauxhall"). But it has helped the so-called style of "new face" (New Edge), which carried out the model Ca ("Ca"), Focus ("Focus"), Puma ("Puma") and Cougar ("Cougar"). Sedan Mondeo ("Mondeo") in recent years has become a solid middle peasantry British Touring Car Championship.

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