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The Italian company Innocenti became famous in the 50s. their scooters. In the next decade, she took up the manufacture of passenger cars. Starting with the licensed production, over time created their own models.
The first machines were Innocenti assembled from imported kits Group CPA (B-C-GM) cars A40 Farina ("A40 Farina"). They were followed by the Navy in 1100 and the front-Mini ("Mini"). From the outset, the company has expressed interest in and to the more interesting cars, created a Spider ("Spider") based on the model Austin Healey Sprite ("Sprite"). Stampings for his body supplied by Officine Stampaggi Industrial ("Offichine Stampadzhi Industriale").

The result of alteration by the Mini Innocenti: a more modern look and a convenient back door.
By the end of the 60s. the company has expanded considerably. The newly formed group at the Naval Base British Leyland ("British Leyland") Innocenti considered as a partner, through which you can enter the Italian market. In the end, he bought it in 1972 .
The most important model, while Innocenti Mini with a body of Bertone ("Burton"). But after the failure of the English group the company was taken over by Alejandro De Tomaso (Alejandro De Tomaso), and became part of the association De Tomaso-Maserati-Moto Guzzi ("De Tomaso-Maserati-Moto Guzzo"). The new leadership looked critically at the old British cars. However, for some time produced Innocenti Mini with bodywork by Bertone. In 1976 she received the name of De Tomaso Mini. As a result of cooperation with the British De Tomaso refused, concluding an agreement with Japan's Daihatsu ("Daihatsu") to supply it with the 1982 3-cylinder engines and transmissions. In 1990 the company has completely passed under the control of FIAT, ending his relatively short independent history.

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