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Before becoming a legend in the American automobile industry, a native of Texas Shelbi Carroll (Carroll Shelby) repeatedly, and always with success, changing occupations. During the Second World War he was an instructor pilot, and then headed motor transport company, then switched to poultry, and then went to the sport and became a famous racer.
Due to the illness of his heart racing career ended in 1959 shortly after he, along with Roy Salvadori (Roy Salvador!) Won at Le Mans in a car Aston Martin ("Aston Martin"). After leaving the sport, Shelbi, and did not think to go to bed. Soon, he signed an agreement with British company AC Cars ("Hey Carzou-Sea") and Ford Motor Concern for the construction of a small series of exotic sports cars. Gathering a team of like-minded, he created a company called Shelby American ("Shelbi American"), headquartered in Vinicio, a suburb of Los Angeles.

Shelby logo adorned a number of well-known in America, fast cars Shelbi Carroll.
Shelby American has always been a small business. She did not own cars are not designed and produced, limited modernization. This has caused criticism from some experts, who generally deny the firm the right to be independent automotive brand. But for many fans in unison cars Shelby, in particular models Cobra and "GT500", the voices almost inaudible.
Out of the car market was in 1962, followed by a trip to the UK Shelbi Carroll and visiting companies AC Cars in Teymz Ditton. He promised the British supply of the most powerful Ford V8 engine and asked them to design for this purely American motor chassis. Then he called the future car Shelby American Cobra ("Shelbi American Cobra"), but the world knew her simply as the AC Cobra.
Several hundred of these cars have found buyers in the U.S. when Shelbi decided to appeal directly to Dearborn, the headquarters of the Group Ford, with a proposal to develop and then organize the sales of modernized versions serious sports car called the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and Shelby GT500. Such vehicles have been sold much more than hand-assembled cars Cobra. All the same model for the production Mustang was the power of corporations Ford. In 1965 he started to supply some car kits prepared by the Ford Mustang from the plants of concern to the company in Vinicio. This small but skilled employees of the firm Carroll Shelbi normal production cars was converted to a very serious sport versions, suitable for everyday use, and to participate in racing, and even for future lane

Shelbi next to the car Shelby Mustang GT350, in the background - AC Cobra 427
Sam Shelbi could not participate in racing, but he managed to raise funds first concern Ford, and then the tire giant Goodyear. It was enough to build and provide a full team, participating in races SCCA (Sport Car Club of America - "sports car club of America") and World Championship sports car. Team Shelby won SCCA championship in 1963.1964 and 1965. by car Cobra.
The popularity of cars Shelby GT350 and Shelby GT500 had reached its peak in 1969, but already in the 1970 America's love affair so-called "Ponikarov", "high-spirited horse" noticeably declined. As a result, the production of both models, Shelby, despite all their obvious charisma, was folded in early 1970

The advertising slogan Ford Mustang read: "These machines are designed so that you are able to construct them for themselves." Did you mean an abundance of custom-built equipment that could definitely change the base car beyond recognition. Shelby GT350 was in fact registered with the performance of much more powerful engine and much better handling than the base model
Throughout the 70's. Carroll Shelbi handled cases ranging from automotive remote. But in 1982 he suddenly returned. At this time, the corporation turned to Chrysler, which in those years at the helm of his old friend was still on the "Ford" years of Lee Iacocca. By the end of the 80s. Shelbi name flashed back to the car bodies, adorning a variety of "krayslerovkie" articles, including 16-valve engine with two camshafts. At the same time, California has resumed production of Shelby modifications based on ordinary mass-produced cars - now mark Dodge ("Dodge").

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