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Mark Lamborghini owes inattention Enzo Ferrari (Enzo Ferrari) to one of its customers. So says the rumor, but fact is that Lamborghini with his very first car was a worthy competitor to Ferrari.

Ferruccio Lamborghini (Ferruccio Lamborghini) in the late 50s. was a millionaire, engaged in the production of tractors, heating and air conditioning equipment. Automotive company he founded his own name only in 1963

Lamborghini emblem decorates the bull and the current models of the firm. Earlier Miura was named in honor of the Spanish fighting bull
He himself was not a designer, so hire the best engineers Bidzarini Giotto (Giotto Bizzarini), Gianpaolo Dallara (Gianpaolo Dallara) and Paulo Stantsani (Paulo Stanzani), providing them with excellent working conditions. Having bought the land in Sant'Agata Bolognese - not far from Bologna and Modena, the center for the production of Italian supercars, built a new plant.
To develop a body Lamborghini appealed to an independent "studio". Bidzarini created a wonderful engine V12, and the Dallara - excellent chassis which gave the early models of the firm for a specified period a distinct advantage over Ferrari.

Machine "400GT 2 +2" was similar to the very first car company Lamborghini - model "350GT"
First, a new brand of car had a fairly traditional layout with a front engine. But in 1966 there was a model Miura ("Miura") with a transverse engine VI 2 within the wheelbase. And after a four-seat sedan streamlined Espada ("Espada"), the company firmly established Lamborghini on this kind of market. Nonetheless, it turned out that to achieve credibility is easier than to make a profit.
In 1970, Miura and Espada in followed by a new "small" model Urraco ("Urraca") with a V8 engine within the database, and a year later - Countach ("Kauntach") with the motor V12. By this time it seemed that the company has acquired a model number similar to Ferrari, but due to lack of support from a large group (such as, FIAT for Ferrari) commercial issues Lamborghini pulled back.

The most famous car Lamborghini - the futuristic Countach, replaced the 1973 model of the Miura
In the early 70s. Ferruccio Lamborghini began to lose interest in their car division and in 1972 sold a 51% stake in Georges-Henri Rossetti (Georges-Henri Rossetti) from Switzerland, the remaining 49% in 1974 moved to his partner Renee Leymeru (Rene Leimer). At this time, the model remained in production Countach, the remaining issue is gradually declining. So the car Urraco had no success in the U.S. market, sales of which ensure the viability of the firm. The fall was so serious that in 1978 the gates of the factory in Sant'Agata came just 16 cars. For financial reasons, and broke a contract to design and manufacture of car BMW Ml, and in 1978 the company received a Lamborghini outside manager.
In 1981 the firm acquired the brothers, Patrick (Patrick) and Jean-Claude Mimram (Jean-Claude Mimram), started its revival. First put on the production model of the Jalpa ("Halpy") - an improved version of Urraco, then - Countach and upgraded all-wheel drive "LM002" with the engine V12.
In 1987 the company came to redeem all the concern Chrysler ("Chrysler"), who announced plans to produce new models and invited previously worked on a Ferrari engineer, Mauro Forgeri (Mauro Forghieri) to create a new VI2 engine for Formula 1 racing (appeared in 1989 .) And while Lamborghini engines are not won laurels at the special Grand Prix, the company continued participation in Formula 1 in 1992
The first car created under the influence of Chrysler, began in 1990, Diablo ("Diablo") with a body of work of Marcello Gandini (Marcello Gandini). In 1998 the company bought a Lamborghini Audi ("Aydi") and in the same year appeared "concept cars" Canto ("Canto").

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