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Wilhelm Maybach (Wilhelm Maybach) is one of the great era of Automotive Engineers. He was the son of a carpenter in Haylboronne on the river Neckar in Germany. At the age of 10 years, was orphaned, and five years later became an apprentice in the machine shop while studying physics and drawing. Later engaged in mathematics and foreign languages​​, and showed the talent of the inventor.
Machine shops, which studied Wilhelm Maybach, assistance was provided by different people. One of them was Gottlieb Daimler (Gottlieb Daimler). He spent two years in the workshops and helped Maybach realize their talent. When Daimler became the manager of plant engineering in Karlsruhe, he took William with him. In 1872 they both took to the plant gas engines Deutz ("Deutz") - Daimler as a manager, and the Maybach - the chief engineer.

The letter "M" logo on the spoke of the company name and the number 12 indicates the motor VI2 (7 or 8 liters)
Work on stationary engines, convinced them of the need for less cumbersome, easier and more powerful engine. In 1882 both left the Deutz, to work on an internal combustion engine, which is set in 1885 on the chassis of the motorcycle, and then at the four-wheeled carriage. The first car for a special purpose Maybach constructed in 1889 and soon began and the production of cars for sale.
Cars Daimler end of the XIX century were in fact heavy horseless carriages. After the death of Gottlieb Daimler in 1900, Wilhelm Maybach, Daimler supported by the representative in France by Emil Jellinek (Emil Jellinek), created the first car is a classic layout, named Mercedes ("Mercedes") in honor of his daughter Jellinek. Nevertheless, the position of the firm Daimler Maybach is constantly deteriorating. In 1907 he began producing engines for the airships of Count Zeppelin (Zeppelin). In 1912, Maybach's son Karl (Karl) founded the company in its own name for the manufacture of aircraft engines in the city of Friedrichshafen Zeppelin near the plant.

One of the most beautiful cars in the world - Maybach Zeppelin V12 Cabriolet Sport with bodywork by Spohn ("Rotary"). Maximum speed - 185 km / h
After the First World War, Karl Maybach returned to the production of engines, and later began to produce its own large car. In 20-ies. they had a 6-cylinder engines, and the first time, two-stage switchable pedal transmission. Company Maybach has never had a car body manufacturing, supplying only the finished chassis. They are specialized firms to set different vehicle.
Wilhelm Maybach died on Christmas Day 1929, when his company began to follow the global trend to build luxury cars and launched a huge engine V12, which will soon appear on the model of Zeppelin. Some of these vehicles equipped with avant-garde streamlined bodies, giving them an advantage when driving at high speed on the new autobahns of Germany. Maybach Zeppelin have always been very, very rare dorogimn machines, they were produced in limited quantities until the beginning of World War II.
The only concession to tradition the company Maybach - a proposal in the economically advanced 30s. 6-cylinder versions Zeppelin (a series of "SW"), who also produced before the war. To its credit, Maybach, he has always distanced himself from the Nazi Party, which apparently explains the small number of its cars in the use of senior management in Germany of that period. After the war the company has completely abandoned the manufacture of cars, and in 1960 her department of marine diesel engines and vehicles joined the group Daimler-Benz.

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