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Morris, one of the most famous British automotive companies, whose main occupation was the production of low-cost family of models, and was fond of sports competitions. First your car Morris Oxford ("Oxford"), she produced in 1913, it cost 180 GBP and was equipped with a motor White and Poppe ("White & Pope"), a working volume of 1017 cm3. And while car companies do not have an outstanding design, the decision to reduce prices in the early 20's. has led to incredible growth in their sales and winning lasting credibility. For the first time with a motorsport company faced when the company MG (GM-GM) used car Morris Minor ("Minor") in 1929 as the basis for my first car MG Midget ("Midzhet").

Mini was one of the most successful models of e world, staying in production for over 30 years. It proved to be excellent and as a sports car. In the photo - Speedwell in 1965 (ahead), Mini-Cooper S 1969 (right) and Janspeed Mini 1986 (back)
The design of the post-war Morris Minor significantly improved Alec Issigonis (Alec Issigonis), who introduced the pinion steering and torsion bar suspension. The next model was a bad car company Marina ("Marina"). Its production has shown that Morris, at that time became part of the CPA group (B-MCG), and later teamed up with Rover ("Rover") under the control of British Aerospace ("British Erspeys"), is in a quandary. A slightly modified version of the Ital ("Italy") was the last model Minor driving under the emblem of Morris.
Meanwhile, in the interval between the creation of models of Minor, and Marina was built by the most advanced in a constructive vehicle for Morris Mini Minor ("Mini Minor"), manufactured in parallel with practically the same Austin Seven ("Austin Seven"). For the first time in history was represented by a compact but full-fledged four-seater car with a transversely positioned engine and front-wheel drive. In the model of Mini-Cooper ("Cooper Mini") in 1961, this concept was further developed by: retaining all the advantages of the old car, she was truly fast and enjoyable to drive. Mini-Cooper initiated the emergence of many sports cars of this type.

Naval Special Tuning of Abin-gdona turned the Mini into a very successful race and rally cars
Have created a Mini-Cooper Alec Issigonis and designer of racing cars of Formula 1, John Cooper (John Cooper). Cooper showed that the faster Mini with effective brakes can be a good race car. By building a prototype, he conveyed his ideas concern the Navy. Chairman Sir George Harri-man (George Harriman) was not sure that will be able to sell a thousand copies of this model made ​​for the passage of Omo-logatsii. Nevertheless, he agreed and was not mistaken - the demand was overwhelming. In the 60's. Mini-Cooper gathered under the emblems of Morris and the Austin plant in Longbridge, previously owned by Austin.
Two years after the start of production began manufacturing the Mini-Cooper S engine with enhanced and more effective brakes. This model has achieved great success in racing and in the rally. In 1964-65 years. released version with engine capacity of 970 cm3 for performances in the class "1.0 liter".

Cars Mini 1960 and 1990 over three decades, the design has changed significantly
Improvement of the Mini has led to the options "Mk 2" (1967) and "Mk 3" (1970). But it was formed in 1968 Concern British Leyland ("British Leyland") was located to the models with other people's names, for which deductions ought to do. Therefore, in 1969 stopped production of Mini-Cooper, and in 1971 - Mini-Cooper S, which were selling well.
Only the heir to the British Leyland Rover company learned erroneous decisions of those years and revived the Mini-Cooper in 1990, but the time has gone and it took some cost, so the sale of each copy was considered a success. At the end of XX century Mini cars continued to produce in limited quantities, and in 2001 a new generation.

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