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Mark MG in 1923 created the Cecil Kimber (Cecil Kimber). He worked as a manager at the firm Morris Garages ("Morris Gerazhiz") in Oxford. Once he turned to the body builders Raworth ("Rouort") to build six special body double for the installation on the chassis of Morris Cowley ("Morris Cowley"). So there were cars like MG 18/80. To designate them, and was invented by MG brand, or Morris Garages. And if the first years of a firm that existed on the good will of Morris, could be described as independent, then the mid 30s. It was clearly a part of Morris.

Small, noisy and surprisingly fast MG Midget RA 1935 with an engine cylinder capacity of 847 cm3 was created based on the model of the firm Morris
The first cars were produced in the workshops of Morris Garages. In 1927 the company moved to his famous factory in Abingdon, which a few miles south of Oxford. Over the next 50 years at this facility were collected all the sports cars MG. Some models of the firm manufactured the 60-ies. at other plants. MG sports cars is becoming more sophisticated in technical terms. They actively participated in various competitions. After Lord Nuffield (Nuffield) the firm has sold MG "of Nuffield," she switched to a more massive and thus more profitable products (Model "T", "S", "V" and "W").

The famous flag-decorated octagonal grille and hub caps of classic British sports cars from 1923 until the closure of a factory in Abingdon (1980). Later, she appeared on high-speed versions of the Austin Montego ("Austin Montego"), Maestro ("Maestro") and Metro ("Metro"), as well as sports car KG RV8 (1992)
After the Second World War the company produced in increasing quantities sports cars "T" and sedans "Y". But with the entry into the British Motor Corporation (BBC MCG) technical policy changed again. The first model MG in the Navy was "MGA" (1955). She had a chassis that is common to machines the Navy. The factory in Abingdon, the first three years after the unification of collecting cars Austin-Healey Sprite ("Austin-Healey Sprite"). There is also released under the name MG sedans similar to the Navy Z-Series Magnette ("Z series Magnett"), and front-MG 1100. Sales growth has led to the loss of individuality.

Roadster "MGB" in 1971 - one of the most successful models created at the factory in Abingdon. She presented in 1962 and complete the 4-cylinder engine cylinder capacity of the Navy in 1798 cm3. Enjoyed a good selling car produced before 1980
In the 60-70s. reputation of the company tweaked the new generation of MG Midget ("Midzhet") and the model of "MGB". They released two decades. With the formation of Concern British Leyland ("British Leyland") MG brand was not in favor. The factory in Abingdon closed in 1980 all production sports cars have stopped.
In the 80's. MG produced under the emblem of modernized versions of family cars Austin-Rover ("Austin-Rover"). In 1992 appeared the roadster MG RV8, and then the biggest surprise from a group of Rover ("Rover") - a completely new model of "MGF".

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