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The name for the new brand of cheap car Chrysler ("Chrysler"), appeared in the late 20's., Suggested the manager, Joseph W. Frazer (Joseph W. Frazer). It is hoped that this name will remind people of the same attractions in Massachusetts. Walter Chrysler (Walter Chrysler) has approved it, but thought that this binder, he pays tribute to Plymouth Binder Twine ("Plymouth Binder Tuayn") - the main instrument of the farmers.

Plymouth was named after Plymouth Rock e - Plymouth rock, which, according to tradition, descended from the first stepped onto the ship Pilgrim
The first cars appeared in Plymouth in 1928 and became an integral and profitable component of the group Chrysler. Throughout its existence the company was the fourth-sixth place in the U.S. in terms of sales (after Chevrolet ("Chevy"), Ford ("Ford") and the separation of Chrysler).

Model Superbird was quite uncharacteristic for a conservative branch of the Chrysler
In the mid-50s. Chrysler made ​​a very powerful and attractive machine a series of "300", and the most remarkable product of the period Plymouth was less powerful but equally attractive vehicle Fury ("Fury"). From the lineup of the company he was most close to supercar. In 1969 he was presented a terrific Road Runner Superbird ("Road Runner Superberd"), which, though intended for motorsport in demand for ordinary buyers. But later the company of such experience is not repeated.

Road Runner in 1969 was a very fast car
The role of the manufacturer of such vehicles under the Chrysler Group was assigned the office Dodge ("Dodge"). It was not until the 90s., When the latter proposed a model Viper ("Viper"). The most sports car was the Plymouth Laser ("Laser") with a body compartment and engine power of 194 hp In 2001, the Plymouth branch was liquidated.

In 50-ies. Department of Plymouth gave tribute to the "fin" in the rear. An example of this, the model of Fury 1957 with a V-shaped 8-cylinder 5.2-liter engine
Plymouth Road Runner Superbird ("Plymouth Road Runner Superberd") 1969-1970
Like other North American manufacturers, Chrysler used the group receiving a single model of production under different names. This has become a model for the Plymouth Road Runner, which had the same with the Dodge Charger ("Dodge Charger") body. For the separation of Plymouth, it was a great opportunity to issue its own supercar, though in reality it was just a trick of the trade.
In 50-60s. Chrysler had a great engine V8, called the Hemi ("Hemi") because of the hemispherical combustion chambers. It was successfully applied to a series of race cars NASCAR. In 1969, the leadership group came to the conclusion that the combination of a streamlined body and powerful Hemi engine will create an unbeatable in the NASCAR design. The result was a model of the Dodge Charger Daytona ("Dodge Charger Daytona").

Hemi V8 engine of the speed of the cars Superbird developed capacity 390HP
Plymouth dealers have expressed their displeasure in response. Consequently, in 1970 the car appeared Plymouth Road Runner Superbird. The machine was relatively simple chassis, engine Chrysler V8 (7,2 liters, 440 hp), the latest generation of automatic transmission and drum brakes on all wheels. At the request of the buyer complete a more expensive car engine Hemi (7,0 liters, 425 hp), which yielded forcing, 4-speed manual gearbox and front disc brakes.
Since both the Road Runner Superbird could participate in the competition, which was a very important indicator of the maximum speed, he was distinguished by an unusual appearance. Body Road Runner was a two-door coupe with a hardtop, the front part of which was elongated wedge-shaped nozzles, and massive rear spoiler was attached to the two high stands at the rear of the wings. The racing version of the Road Runner was longer by 43 cm base machine.

Mounted on the high rack spoiler has played an important role during race
The car is very well acted in sports, because the maximum forcing the engine Hemi, he developed a speed of 354 km / h Instance, the winner of the Daytona-500, developed an average speed of 241 km / h During the season, these cars have won 21 of the 38 stages of a series of NASCAR.
These advances have led to a change in the rules of the competition organizers. Therefore, the leader of Road Runner Superbird was only one season. To meet the requirements of NASCAR in 1920 the company has built cars. By the way, cars Dodge Charger Daytona in 1968-69. was made of 505 pieces.

Long glass fiber with improved front end attachments streamlined body

Characteristics (1970)
Engine: V8, the overhead
Bore and stroke: 109,73 x92, 25 mm
Displacement: 7202 cm3
Maximum Power: 375 hp
Transmission: 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic
Chassis: on the host body
Suspension: front independent and rear semi-elliptic leaf springs on the dependent
Brakes: drum
Body: 4-seater coupe
Maximum speed: 241 km / h

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