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Despite the fact that Dr. Ferdinand Porsche (Ferdinand Porsche) for a long time and has successfully worked in the automotive industry, the first car with Porsche logo he had to wait more than 40 years. By this time he was old and sick. His inspiration and hope, was the son of Ferdinand "Ferry" Porsche (Ferdinand "Ferri" Porsche), who along with her sister Louise Piëch (Louise Piech) was co-owner of the company after the death of the elder Porsche in 1951

The name Porsche is inextricably linked to sports car. The firm has built a series of magnificent racing models that have dominated the global routes.The photo shows the Porsche 917, the engine power which for a time greater than 1000 hpOne of the most important projects was the design of Dr. Porsche car Volkswagen Beetle ("Volkswagen Beetle"), the 30-ies. He was put on production immediately after the Second World War and became a symbol of rebirth in Germany. They themselves were forced to settle the Porsche in the Austrian city Gmtonde where sports cars developed on the basis of car Volkswagen. For many years, Ferry Porsche has remained faithful to the layout of the rear air-cooled engine, considering it the best.The first 52 sports car model "356" with an aluminum body, created based on the Beetle, were built in Gmünd from 1948 to 1951 In 1949, Porsche has settled in Stuttgart, Germany, which occupied the premises of the body builder Reutter ("Reutter" .) From that moment began the process of steady growth, which ended only in the late 80s. because of the global economic downturn.Porsche 959 is definitely one of the greatest supercars of the worldUp until the early 60s. Porsche involved in improving the design of a model "356". She joined in the road race. At the same time served as the technical and artistic center for Volkswagen, offering a prototype of the prototype in an attempt to create a replacement Beetle. Prosperity of the small firm has also contributed to the agreement of the receipt of five German marks from each sold car Volkswagen.In 50-ies. Porsche products further and further away from the famous Volkswagen, although a common origin remains clear. The final break came with the introduction of the "911". Over the next ten years, the company introduced more powerful versions of the car, with great success has participated in various competitions and was founded in Vayszahe west of Stuttgart consulting department.It seemed nothing could stop the progressive development of Porsche, but in the early 70s. it waited several setbacks. Did not provide long-term success of a joint project for the production of sports cars under the emblem of the Volkswagen-Porsche. In addition, Volkswagen was not satisfied with the draft of a new small car, prepared by Porsche. Expensive project, "EA266" was completed, but by the time all the contacts on the line of passenger cars with VW stopped.For years, Porsche has imitated the company Volkswagen, inspired by its first productIn the early 70s. Ferry Porsche changed the financial structure of the company and dismissed its top leadership, and then a much expanded research division. Then he decided to develop a sports car with front-wheel drive. The first of these was intended for Audi-Volkswagen, but the project was rejected. However, things turned for the Porsche is the best: it bought the rights to the machine, called it the Porsche 924 and prepared for production at the factory Audi. In 1977, a model "928" with a front engine, originally designed to replace "911". Release of the last not ended.The Eighties were anxious for the Porsche. Despite enormous progress in counseling affairs - creation engine for Formula 1, work for companies such as VAZ, SEAT (CEAT) and Mercedes-Benz ("Mercedes Benz"), automobile manufacturing weakened. Did not help a significant upgrading of the model "911" and the replacement of the vehicle "924" to "944." In addition, very high prices pushed from the production company, more and more customers.In the early 90s. Porsche sales in many countries have fallen sharply. The company abandoned the car with front-wheel drive. By the end of the decade in the production program were only Boxter ("Side-ster") with the engine within the database and the "911" engine with liquid cooling. In 2002 introduced the first highway "suv" type "sports yutiliti" called Cayenne ("Kuijen").

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