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Since the beginning of the French company Hotchkiss, Benjamin Berkeley-educated American Gochkissom (Benjamin Berkeley Hotchkiss), engaged in the production of firearms. With the reduction of military orders she took up the issue of passenger cars. Until 1914, both directions have evolved independently.
At that time the company built a new factory, which later led the Englishman Earri Ainsworth (Harry Ainsworth). In 20-ies. Hotchkiss collected a series of successful cars in constructive for simple, with a 4-cylinder engines. The breakthrough came in 1928 when the market received the first six-cylinder model "AM80". The number "80" model in the index pointed to the diameter of the cylinder in millimeters.

Crossed tools logo on the Hotchkiss talking about the main direction of the company - the production of armaments. The name of the French firm has received in honor of its founder
Its engine, created Bertarione (Bertarione), has become the main power unit for the next two decades. Faster versions, such as "686" and "686GS", soon became famous in the international rally (several times won the Monte Carlo method). Their reputation was not lower than that of Delage ("Delage") and Delahaye ("Delahaye").
In the late 30s. the company also produced weapons for three thousand cars a year. However, the construction of the last little improved. Especially noticeable was after the Second World War, as the continued production of prewar models. Attempts to replace them has been undertaken. In 1951 there were apparently modified versions of the 6-cylinder vehicles ("2050" and "2050GS"), but only briefly delayed the end.
The only way to survive was to Hotchkiss merged with another company, which in 1952 became the Delahaye. In the end, after 1954 the company switched to the production of trucks. Mark Hotchkiss kept in trucks up to 1970 have also been making the company a license to the American Jeep ("Jeep") and sold in France, trucks Leyland ("Leyland").
HotchklsS 686 ("Gochkiss 686"), 1936-1954
The first-generation 6-cylinder cars Hotchkiss was the model "AM80", presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1928 and became the basis of more powerful cars of the series "686". They are distinguished by a strong classic chassis and suspension of all wheels of the dependent-development of the sports chassis "AM80S" in 1933 this time frame it was X-shaped cross, and drum brakes Bendix ("Bendix") cable-operated.
In-line 6-cylinder engine with a 7-reference crankshaft and overhead valve with a sucker-rod drive packaged with a 4-speed synchronized gearbox. Depending on the purpose of the engine could be a single carburetor (100 hp) or variants of Paris-Nice ("Paris-Nice") and the Grand Sport ("Grand Sport"), rated at 125 hp
The machine produced in different versions with 4 sizes of the wheelbase. The most luxurious of them - "GS" (Grand Sport) - offered as a roadster, a sports sedan and coupe. She developed a speed of 161 km / h and has successfully participated in the rally. Hotchkiss machine in the series won the Monte Carlo Rally five times. In 1939 it produced about 1.5 thousand of these machines.
Gradually, their construction is improved: in 1936 appeared hydraulic brakes in 1948 - an independent front suspension and, on request, a transmission Cotal ("Kotal") in 1951 changed the look and the index ("2050/2050GS" .) Cars remained in production until 1954

Before the Second World War, Hotchkiss produced a series of "AN", which in 1926 received a new overhead valve engine (2 liters)

Feature (Grand Sport, 1936)
Engine: P6, the overhead
Bore and Stroke: 86x100 mm
Displacement: 3485 cm3
Maximum Power: 125 hp
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Chassis: the steel frame
Suspension: dependent on semi-elliptic leaf springs
Brakes: drum
Body: 2 - or 4-bed types
Maximum speed: 161 km / h
Options 686 Hotchkiss Hotchkiss AM80 and AM80S
"AM80" was collected in 1929-1933. It is equipped with 6-cylinder engine "Bertarione" dimension 80x100 mm (3015 cm3, 70 hp). The model developed speed of about 116 km / h There is also an option, "AM73" engine dimensions 73x100 mm. "AM80S" got the engine working volume of 3485 cm3.
Hotchkiss 615 and 680
The basis of the options, "615" (1935) and "680" (1936-39 gg.) Were the base 3-liter engine and chassis of the model "686".
Hotchkiss 620
This is the predecessor model, "686", manufactured in 1934-35. with a 100-horsepower version of the 3.5-liter engine.
Hotchkiss 2050 and 2050GS
Produced after the Second World War and looks different from the model "686".

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