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In 1926 the company Daimler ("Daimler") merged with the firm Benz ("Benz"), forming a group Daimler-Benz, which produces as many believe, one of the world's best car brand Mercedes-Benz (the name was given and the automotive company in the union). Mercedes-Benz emblem with a three-beam star and laurel wreath was a combination of the old logos of companies Daimler and Benz.

Speed ​​mooel "LAR.", Which appeared in ivds, had a line 6-cylinder engine with a supercharger Rootes ("Rute"), who clocked the car to a speed of 161 km / h
Shortly after the unification of the assembly of passenger cars was moved to Stuttgart to the plant in the city center. The modern factory in Sindelfingen in the 30s. was avtobusostroitelnym. Because of the serious economic difficulties in Germany in the 20-30s. Daimler-Benz had to fight for survival. In addition, the enterprises of the concern had been destroyed during the Second World War. After 1945, the Department of Mercedes-Benz has grown steadily, releasing a lot of beautiful cars.
Since 20-ies. Mercedes-Benz has always had in his program at least one sports car. Sometimes it was a real supercar. The main products were sedans, many of which have a relatively small engine displacement. Concern first proposed diesel engines in passenger cars, thereby supported by the tradition to date.

Model "300SL-24" in 1990 with a 3-liter 6-cylinder engine. Maximum speed - 215 km / h
In 30-ies. Mercedes-Benz sedans, not only produced but also the coupe and convertible, as well as huge limousines Grosser ("Grosser"). Helped to strengthen the reputation and success in Grand Prix racing. On the race cars were tested innovations such as a fully independent suspension. In the competition for the Grand Prix there were models with rear-and middle-engine.

Mercedes-Benz emblem consists of a three-beam star Daimler and Benz laurel wreath
After 1945, the group is slowly but steadily rebuilt their businesses and improved production program. In 50-ies. a small range of sporting cars Mercedes-Benz filled with such magnificent specimens as "300SL", which have a positive impact on the image and the concern and the company. And yet, despite the introduction of advanced technological solutions (fuel injection system, the spatial framing the car, and more), Mercedes-Benz long clung to outdated design, such as a split rear axle.

One of the most famous cars Mercedes-Benz - "300SL", unreleased versions of the roadster and coupe with opening up the doors
In the 60-70s. Mercedes-Benz has produced several prototypes of high-speed engine Wankel, but did not start their serial production. Large volume production and high profitability (in the late 80s. Group produced 600 thousand cars per year), as well as a thriving cargo compartment Mercedes-Benz allowed the German concern to be among the world's leading automotive industry. In 1998 to strengthen the position in the international market Daimler-Benz merged with the American company Chrysler ("Chrysler").

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